English as Second Language:

  • Personalized instruction to improve writing, reading, and speaking
  • Professional coaching to build skill and confidence in conversations
  • Preparation for the TOEFL Exam

College Applications: 

I will help you put together a college application that will promote you through your strongest qualities. This process will include:

  • Helping you write the statement of purpose
  • Obtaining and organizing transcripts
  • Requesting letters of recommendation
  • Preparing for the admissions interview

K-12 Tutoring:

  • Homework
  • Public Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Math

Mindfulness through Meditation:

I teach meditation and yoga to help my students realize and refine their abilities to pay attention, to stay calm when they are upset, and to improve self esteem.  

With 15 years of meditation training and extensive research on the effects of mindfulness on children’s academic performance, I have designed a program that integrates Mindfulness with achievement of content-specific curriculum goals. I accomplish this by teaching students various meditation and yoga techniques.

Summer Tutoring:

Summer tutoring will help set your child up for future success by offering the following benefits:

Filling in the gaps. We will help you turn your areas of weakness from the previous year into future success. We will analyze the past content with your child, assess his/her most effective learning style, and create a plan to build the skills. Your child will feel empowered with confidence and motivation to succeed in the upcoming school year.

Getting a head start. Based on your goals as parents and your child’s school curriculum, we will introduce concepts and skills that he/she would encounter in the upcoming school year.

Emotional health through consistency: Young children thrive academically and emotionally when they know what to expect from their teachers and caregivers. Summer tutoring helps sustain this predictable routine, picking up right where school left off.