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Written by Ilya Druzhnikov, Parent, San Francisco

Allen quickly assessed my daughter’s strengths and challenges in the subjects of reading, writing and math. We loved Allen’s commitment and to communicate with us – the parents: he would email us detailed post-tutoring summaries every week, which included the activities in the tutoring sessions, what to expect in the following sessions, and updates on my daughter’s academic progress. Allen’s approach was always professional but also personable. In particular, his ability to relate to my daughter, as well as his prolific knowledge and love for writing and math, was crucial in helping my daughter find love and enjoyment in her learning. All in all, Allen has been a tremendous support in boosting my daughter’s emotional well being and her ability to read, write, and approach challenging math problems.

98Written by Maggie Stirk, Parent, San Francisco

“Both my sons are currently being tutored by Allen. My boys’ academic performance and social/emotional continue to improve. When I first met Allen, his intuitive ability to build relationships and exhibit empathy were immediately apparent. Allen’s prolific knowledge of – and experience in – child development is reflected in the progress that my boys are experiencing.  I recommend Allen as a mentor for children of all ages and any subjects.  

Written by Nathalie Brilliant, Parent, San Francisco

“Allen’s tutoring was very helpful for Aiden. Allen employed the use of games in order to teach Aiden certain skills involving math and problem solving. He was patient and energetic with Aiden, which Aiden enjoyed in the learning space. Allen even brought Aiden a special gift one day specific to Aiden’s interests that promoted his eagerness in reading and comics. Allen’s ability to follow up each session with a thorough write up and review of his time with Aiden was extremely helpful in regards to understanding what was accomplished and aided in recognizing Aiden’s proficiencies and weaknesses, as well as what Aiden overall enjoys. Allen was always punctual, enthusiastic and fully prepared. I strongly recommend Allen’s tutoring to anyone of all ages.”

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I dedicate the stories on my blog to every one of my students I’ve  had over the years. Through their words and actions, they have shown me how to experience the present moment with the languages of gratitude, determination, excitement, and wonder. 

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– Loris Malaguzzi