Exploring Mindfulness Through Meditation

“Mindfulness is a refined process of attention that allows children to see the world through a lens of attention, balance and compassion. When children learn to look at the world with attention, balance and compassion they soon learn to be in the world with attention, balance and compassion.”

– Susan Kaiser Greenland

“Art, Poetry, and Meditation” was the name given by my students to the final project of 2018. The project commenced with sitting meditation, in which the children and I sat on the garden stage in silence, bringing focus to the breathe and enjoying the stillness of our minds, all the while objectively watching the comings and goings of our thoughts.

After five minutes of sitting, I rang the singing bowl to signal the transition into silent moving meditation. Everyone slowly stood up at her own pace. Tallulah drifted toward the bed of flowers; Gautier hopped from one garden stone to another. Violet crouched down and met a red flower at eye level while Zohe positioned herself by the trunk of the orange tree and gazed up at its leaves, which gently rustled with the wind. Ruby made her way around the garden perimeter, playfully swaying from side-to-side, and Niko strolled with hands behind her back, clearly caught in deep contemplation.

After fifteen minutes of silent movement, I brought out the art supplies: freshly sharpened artist’s drawing pencils, a stack of card-stock paper, and markers of various colors. This was an invitation to begin art meditation. It was in this final phase that the students created their drawings and poems.

(Samples of student work will be posted in the next few days)

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